INSPIRE -

                              Inspire people to develop a heart for God  (Psalm 34)                         

                          A. Through Bionically sound teaching and preaching                                                            B. Through Christ-honoring music


                         INCLUDE –                                                                                                 

                              Include people in a loving church family  (Acts 2:41)                 

                         A. Through membership in our church family                                           

                         B. Through fellowship with other believer                                                   

                         C. Through our life stage classes


                          IMPACT –                                                                                                  

                              Impact our community and the regions beyond with the Gospel of        

                              Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:18 - 20)                                      

                         A. Through weekly community outreach                                    

                         B. Through a worldwide missions program                                              

                         C. Through training and equipping Christians to share Christ in the course

                              of their daily lives