Our Story


On October 17, 2010 MVBC had their first gathering at Yucaipa Elementary School. There were 32 people from the community present. After meeting at the school for one year they were able to lease the Old Beaver Medical building on the corner of Ave H and California Street. They met there for 2 years before God opened an amazing opportunity for them to purchase their own property in Calimesa. MVBC has grown in number as well as depth since their beginning. They now support 15 missionaries, and also have developed excellent programs for the children and teens. They also enjoy monthly Men’s Prayer Breakfast as well as Ladies Fellowships. MVBC is grateful for what the Lord has done in their past, but they believe the greatest days are ahead.

We invite you to consider joining us on this journey as we pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ! Discover what God has for you at MVBC!